Jan 19, 2023
08:00 PM

Creature Catharsis of the Symbiocene
Come celebrate the magnificent twin muses of Ministry of Muse Iffy & Bre in their birthday worship!
Want help with your Catharsis Creature? Check out the summoning aids included in this imagination board:
Your Portal Keeper: Gothess Jasmine! @gothess Jasmine
8:30 Dance Activation Warmup w/ LB in the Beat
9pm Troll & Fairy Best Life
10pm Headliner: Gothess Jasmine
11pm Costume Portal Runway w/ Dj Lady Vitamins
12am Dj Dirty Pillowz
DJ Lady Vitamins @DJLadyVitamins
DJ Dirty Pillowz vinyl set
Fairy Best Life @FairyBestLife
Lesley Backus @lb_inthebeat
Sarah Jack @sarahjack.me
Mikey @kvlt_fab
Grace @gracelikeamazing
Savannah @foxxy.lane.lefevre
Abi @abbsinit
The Dream Weaver Iffy @iffyroma
The Indefatigable @brebitz
Creature Conjurers
& More!
Costume Portal Runway
Raffle w/ Sexy Prize!
Learn the secret of the Troll!
Syrens of Symbiocene is a Ritual Costume Dance Party Every 3rd Thursday at Sahara Lounge [skipping this February!]
$5 in Costume
$10 Otherwise
Produced by @ministryofmuse
The Symbiocene is an oasis of freakdom where the sacred manifestations of our forbidden selves are released. A portal where we evolve our hidden narratives and future conjurings.
The Symbiocene is the next era of humanity, a human-planet symbiosis. It’s a revolution in a way of being and thinking. Essential to defying a self-fulfilling narrative of catastrophe is pure, unadulterated joy, in community, with those we love, and those we will love.
This is what we fight for! These ecstatic, ridiculous moments, rifts in the suffering and online slog – together with the music binding and bringing us to new levels, our spirits bound to a collective joy, while we grow wiser and more loving day by day!
Sahara Lounge is a truly magical space and we´re honored to host a monthly portal, third Thursdays.
At the crossroads of humanity we´re there with friends, shaking our booty, on the floor, on the wall, in the vibrant manifestations of our inner creative identities, having the time of our lives.
Syrens of Symbiocene want YOU to be part of this story!
We can’t wait to see your fabulous creature self!

Sahara Lounge is an inviting East Austin live music venue & bar with a relaxed, eclectic atmosphere. Live shows most nights for every genre.