Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion + Great North Special

Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion takes the stage in Texas for the first time since 2017 along with Austin based jam-rockers Great North Special.
Tickets available for the One-2-One venue -or- you can purchase tickets for the Pay-Per-View.
How to access the Pay-Per-View:
1. Go to
2. Find show you want to donate to
3. Click “buy ticket” on said show
4. Choose your donation amount from available “live stream” ticket amounts and enter payment info
5. Click on purple box at the bottom of your receipt page that says “live stream available now” (This box will be available to click on approximately 15 minutes before showtime)
6. Enjoy the show!
7. Use artists Venmo or PayPal accounts if you’d like to tip! (These will be flashed throughout the stream)