Cheers To Bobs Week

Oct 22, 2023
12:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Calling all Bobs! Come celebrate with Blue Owl Brewing during our special “Cheers to Bobs” Week!
Enjoy a $1 discount on our non-sour lineup, Bob’s Fine Beers (, all week!
Discount applies to:
* Bob’s Fine Pilsner
* Bob’s Eastside Juicy IPA,
* (newly released)Bob’s Great Porter
* Bobtoberfest
* Bob’s Cold One
Plus, anyone named Bob receives a complimentary non-sour pint on Sunday, the 22nd, in honor of Bob Odenkirk’s birthday! Raise a glass, celebrate the Bob in your life, and enjoy a few Bob’s Fine Beers with us!
Sunday, 10/22: Bob Odenkirk BDay Celebration
All Bob’s Get A Free Pint of Non-Sour Beer!
Swing by and meet your fellow Bob. Anyone named Bob gets one free beer from us! Must have a valid ID with proof of name (Bob, Bobby, or Robert).

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