Esther’s Follies Presents: Summer Satire

Aug 13, 2021
8:00 pm - 10:00pm

This month, Esther’s Follies promises to provoke and delight both sides of the political fence with sketches ripped from the national news headlines!

What’s happening in the White House? A new sketch, “The Baffling Biden,” finds our new President trying new ways to appeal to the American people, as a close up magician!

The “Golden Girls of 2021” celebrates the freedoms that come with getting vaxxed for older ladies who want to have fun. “Austin Reality Check,” featuring our wildly audacious real estate agent, says- “we bring the reality; you bring the check!” with the crazy competitive real estate market in our booming city.

Esther’s Award winning magician, Ray Anderson’s latest illusions “Popcorn” and the delightful “Hanky” continue to amaze our audiences!

Esther's Follies is a 6th Street Austin TX comedy club and an Austin landmark. Comedy skits, magic, and Austin’s favorite political satirical revue, with the bustling backdrop of 6th Street on view through the stagefront window!