Fall Equinox Celebration

Sep 23, 2023
8:00 pm - 1:00 am

Fall Equinox Bash at the Sekrit!

Missing the age-old tradition of celebrating the Fall Equinox? We’ve got you covered! We’re new to Austin and we’re bringing a touch of Europe to Texas.

From stargazing and firespinning set to Ukrainian folk music, to Eastern European witchcraft and Tarot readings, it’s a cosmopolitan blend of activities as intriguing as the night itself:

🍷 Bougie Cauldron: Sangria potion. Because you’ve earned your antioxidants.

🔭 Stars & Scopes: Peek at the stars through a professional telescope and see many wondrous things!

🔥 Ukrainian Folk & Fire: Yeah, we’re spinning fire to folk music.

🧙‍♀️ Practical Witchery: We’ve got Ukrainian witches, but turning exes into toads is off-menu. Mostly.

🔮 Tarot-ally Awesome: Fortune telling. But remember, the cards never lie, people do.

😄 Ice Breaking Cards: Because everyone’s more charming with a script.

♌ Capri-What?: Behold our sizable Capricorn effigy! Pre-burning, use it to play toss-a-ring with flower crowns. Good aim brings luck! (No, we’re not making this up).

🌸 DIY Couture: Craft a flower crown. Because we’re all queens, darling.

🥚 Treasure Hunt: No kiddos, just adults awkwardly running around looking for clues. Thrilling.

Embrace your rebellious spirit and wander into Sekrit Theater’s Fall Equinox bash.

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