FREEDOM: A New Age – Old School REVIVAL & Sing-a-long- “Path To Totality”

~~~~!…Mark Your Calendars…! ~~~~
“Would you like to play a game…?” Do you know what classic early 1980’s movie that is from?? THEN READ ON!
FREEDOM Revival I: Dance Of The Spiritual Warriors
**META-Search, Trivia & Raffle: “Are you Paying Attention?” Would you like to play a game?” See if you can spot all of the hidden song (and movie) titles, lyrics & lines… We’v’e got world music, pop, rock, retro, techno – music of all kinds..! Stick around for the RAFFLE and an end-of-the-night PRIZE! And we will tell you about another CHANCE TO WIN an even more valuable SURPRISE!
Do you like to get your DANCE on when no one is watching? Do you like to SING like a rock star when no one is around? Well, let’s do both of those things ALL TOGETHER and get down! In a space where nobody really minds… and nobody really cares just how crazy or swank you may look grooving it – nor how crackly or suave you may sound belting it!
We call this is a “New Age-Old School REVIVAL” for a reason. We’re now at a time and place, in the Turning of every KIND of season! Video and bass, with lights interactive…. We might even get a little bit RADIOACTIVE. Fun sing-a-long songs – from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s to today… with mashups and remixes every monthly step along the way. Music to take you deep, then lighten your spirit, making new memories for the next time you hear it. We are going to make you sweat, make you quake, take you on a roller coaster ride; and bring you back down to a gentle landing with a revitalized heart, feeling all good inside… You might even call this a REVIVAL!
It’s the End of the World as we know it! And I feel FINE!… Release the ‘Mystery’, and see how it goes; it’s a Revolution, I suppose! We know the end these human stories; life’s defeats, it’s loves and many tiny glories…. Let’s bring some JOY to the WORLD, it has never been needed more than NOW… No matter who or what you are, or even how; There’s a Sky Full of Stars above, the only way through this is together, with Love! Cry out to the Heavens & let the Jerusalem Bells ring! Open your heart, your mind, and your mouth then SING! “FREEDOM.. is my watchword and G-D IS MY EVERYTHING!!!
Reach out and touch faith; life’s illusion is really not that tragic. You just have to BELIEVE IN MAGIC; let nothing stand in your way! We came here to act out a scene in this same COSMIC play! Players on the set of a wondrous stage; at the Death & Birth of miraculous AGE! You’ve got a HIGHER POWER inside of you! FEED IT… TAP IT! SPARK IT….DANCE IT! TAKE on this NEW CHARGE! CALLING ALL SPIRITUAL WARRIORS TO RISE, and champion FAITH & FAMILY, as FLAMING SWORDS in a FIERY WHIRLWIND of TRUTH & FREEDOM…..!
~May EVERYTHING Be Illuminated!
SOME GUIDELINES: *Note: this is NOT a ‘night club’ dance scene, nor a silent trance rave. This is a proper kind of place so you’d better behave.
-Our music is 98% “family approved” and kid sensitive: there may be a word or two in a song that we miss but we like to promote our TSF Clean Speech Initiative.
-Dance barefoot, dance in socks, dance in soft shoes, or house shoes, moccasins or crocs… Hard soles work if you want to stick to your country roots but it’s better to boogie in lil’ baby booties… than to scoot around in big ole boots!
-We encourage little to no ‘intoxication’, just enough of what you need for a little relaxation. DO what you need to DO to get into your groovy space… Don’t get too up into anyone’s face or we may just have to toss you out of the place!
-Prepare for some crying, maybe some purging and bit of laughter.
Please take care of yourself before, during & after.
Come by one, come by twos, come in threes, COME ALL who may please! Come in pods, come in packs, come small & large groups; bring friends, bring families, and CALL in the TROOPS.
EXCHANGE DONATION* (we are a non-profit):
$20 at the door!
$17.50 with two or more! OR if purchased up to the week before
$ 8 for 13-17yo (free for 12yo and under)
$ 3 Additional raffle tickets to win prizes galore!
(*Requests subject to change)
**If you want to come and really can’t afford to, come anyway and just do what you can do. The purpose is to build stronger community now, so when the time comes we can come together and defend our sovereignty. So please come and bring an honest exchange, we won’t turn you or anyone away… but we just may put you to work afterwards or you can VOLUNTEER (TSF Seva) at VISTA WEST RANCH on another day!
“Spirit Is Our New Religion!”

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