Live Voltage (AC/DC Tribute) w/ THINK LIZZY & The GO-GO Rillas

Doors at 7p
All Ages
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Live Voltage is an international AC/DC tribute show, providing an authentic Live experience that gets crowds on their feet. Live Voltage provides a unique experience emulating Both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras combined in one show.
Fronted by Dublin native, vocalist and bassist, Steve O’Brien, THINK LIZZY is an authentic tribute to the classic 70’s and 80’s Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. THINK LIZZY stays true to Thin Lizzy from their stage presence, the Irish accent and most importantly, the music. They strive to spread the word and music of Thin Lizzy throughout Texas and beyond.
The GO-GO Rillas have escaped the confines of the zoo and are aimed to throw a Banana Party! Where’s the Banana Party? Wherever these apes are! During their time locked away at the zoo, these primates honed their surf and garage rock chops and now Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Fred are on the loose; forever on the run from the evil zoo keeper! Grab a banana and let’s GO-GO!


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The Far Out Lounge is located at 8504 South Congress. Winner of Best New Venue at the Austin Music Awards 2020.