Radha School of Music Performance Bands LIVE at Empire

A Touch of Music is a showcase featuring bands in Radha School of Music´s performance training programs. RSM is a local music school that focuses on providing students and musicians of all ages and levels the tools, knowledge, and training to be independent musicians. This showcase features four bands and multiple lead vocalists performing a wide variety of music. From Talking Heads to Metallica, Queen to Billie Eilish; these bands will take you on a musical journey.
Radha´s goal is to support and inspire creativity within her students by bridging the gap between these emerging artists and the Austin music community. The end goal is for these bands to utilize the training and support that RSM and community provide and become independent performers around town. We are asking the Austin community to show up and cheer these budding musicians on as they forge their own careers in the music industry. Radha and her teaching team of over 25 teachers (all local musicians) are proud to show off all of the hard work and time that these students have dedicated to this project.
Come and spend the afternoon with us! There will be free pizza (sponsered by Show Me Pizza) and a ton of beautiful people. A big thank you to Empire for welcoming RSM´s production crew of kids/teens to help run sound, cameras, and lights.
The Guilty Pleasures – Adults
Black Dahlias – Teens
Greenish Dolphins*- Teens
The Unstoppable Fingers of the Starfish* – Powerful Littles! Ages 7-11
*Featuring lead vocalists from Singing SOULdiers (RSM´s vocal performance training program)
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Tickets are $10 and go on sale Tuesday, November 15th, 2022
Thank you for supporting live music! See y’all there!

Empire, a Red River Live Music venue, is a 15,000 square foot modern music space presenting some of Austin's best live music on 3 stages.