Vista Farm Class Series

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Join Vista Brewing’s Farmer Noël for a series of seven monthly gardening classes here at the Vista Farm, applicable to beginner gardeners and experienced farmers. Class will meet once a month on the fourth Saturday from January through July, with topics progressing through the growing season. [Note: May’s class will be the 3rd Saturday to avoid Memorial Day weekend.]
Noël is a passionate and experienced farmer who grew up in a farming and foodie family and brings her knowledge and passion for sustainable farming to Vista. She is responsible for the planning and production of vegetables, herbs and flowers in the Vista Farm, from the soil to the kitchen. You’ll find her sharing her wealth of scientific knowledge of soil fertility through these classes and each week at or booth at the Dripping Springs Farmer’s Market. Follow along her adventures on Instagram @familyfarmer .
Each class will spend 30 minutes in a classroom-style presentation and 90 minutes learning and working in the garden. Your ticket includes the class and one beer or non-alcoholic beverage after class.
-Individual class: $35
-Full Series of 7 classes: $210 (essentially one free class!)
2022 Vista Farm Class Series (full descriptions are below)
-January 22 – Planning your 2022 Season*
-February 26 – Starting Seeds and Readying the Soil
-March 26 – Plant the Plan
-April 23 – Checking In and Using Support Structures
-May 21 – Keep On Keepin’ On (weeding, succession planting, more weeding)
-June 25 – Harvest and Storage
-July 23 – Preserve your Harvest*
* 100% classroom session, no outdoor gardening
Notes: Students should wear clothes and shoes appropriate for outdoor work that protect from elements of current weather including sun. Bring water, gloves and a hat. Please apply sunblock before entering the garden.
January Planning your 2022 Season
This class will focus on guiding the new gardener through the planning process from why to what to how to begin? The goal is to give you an outline of the whole year ahead based on your personal goals. Using this outline we can create a task list with dates and reminders that will keep you on your gardening game. Indoor class.
February Starting Seeds and Readying the Soil
This class will focus on starting seeds indoors or in a greenhouse as well as preparing our soil in the garden. We will use the planning techniques you learned in the January class to continue our plans in the greenhouse up to planting days. (Fear not, you needn’t have attended the January class in order to follow along.) Some very basic soil and water science will be introduced as well as recommended methods of balancing soil.
March Plant the Plan
This class will go over planting, spacing, and irrigation for both plant establishment and beyond. Hardening off and transplant shock will be discussed. Proper protection techniques will be covered to prevent weather and pest damage to your new plants. If you are attending classes in sequence, bring your plan so we can continue to follow and amend. We will go over the basics of pest control including adding prophylactic sprays to your plan.
April Checking In and Using Support Structures
This class will go over support structures for different types of plants as well as how to set them up properly. You will learn how to stake and weave tomatoes as well as provide poles for beans. We will go over basic pest, disease, and nutrient deficiency identification as well as remedies.
May Keep On Keepin’ On (weeding, succession planting, more weeding)
At this point we will go over the monotonous tasks of gardening. We will identify weeds and how to mitigate them, succession planting (where are we in the grand plan?), and continued care of our structures. Some more weather protection will be discussed as it pertains to heat, including irrigation techniques. Bring your plan, but if you have not been with us for the whole series, do not fret, you will not feel left out.
June Harvest and Storage
This class will complete the series that has hopefully provided you with all you need to complete your garden tasks and meet your goals. I will take you through the proper harvest and storage of different varieties of produce. We will discuss the right stage for harvesting, the proper time of day and the natural cycle of the plants, cleaning, and perfect storage for every type of harvest.
July Preserve your Harvest
This class will go over several techniques for preserving the bounty of your garden. You will leave with instructions on proper ways to dry, freeze, jam, pickle, etc… WITH recipes and tips from professional chef and preservationist, Dorothy Lopreore. This class will be indoors so don´t worry about the summer weather!