Wild About Texas BBQ Tour

May 31, 2022
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

There’s no such thing as too much meat.
Join us on a BBQ-extravaganza to FOUR of our state’s best BBQ joints. And don’t miss your chance to meet a BBQ pitmaster to learn his tricks of the trade!

Option A: Austin BBQ Scene (available Wednesday – Sunday)

Austin BBQ pitmasters have taken their job for reals in recent years, not only smoking the best meats around but also finding a thousand wicked ways to eat the delicious meat of the gods. Your Twisted guide will show-off all our favorites: tacos, kolaches, sandwiches, or just served straight up! This Texas BBQ tour experience will showcase our city’s best BBQ and our favorite ways to eat it with the foods we love. Tour includes a behind-the-scenes smokehouse tour with a local pitmaster.

Start times for the Austin tour may vary depending on restaurant availability. Typically we start at 10:30am, but you will receive a final time confirmation after booking.

Option B: Destination Lockhart, Texas (available Sunday – Friday)

Let’s get the heck out of Dodge! Travel 30 minutes outside of Austin to the charming town of Lockhart, Texas, self-proclaimed “BBQ Capital of the World”. Your Twisted guide will help you beat the crowds, and the lines, that so often go along with eating Texas BBQ. Visit 3 different Lockhart joints, most of which have been smoking Texas BBQ for generations. We then head back into Austin for one last stop. Go behind-the-scenes at an authentic Texas BBQ joint with an exclusive private tour by the pitmaster himself! Learn how BBQ is prepared and smoked in the Lone Star State…if you can handle the heat! We end the tour with a sweet treat, which your stomach will welcome as the perfect end to the perfect foodie adventure.

Twisted Texas Tours is the craziest way to discover Austin’s weird, wacky and wild sides. Food, live music and, of course, adult beverages.