Cherry Bomb: Girl 6

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A decade after introducing us to Nola Darling in SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT, Spike Lee introduces us to GIRL 6.

Judy (Theresa Randle) is living the life of an actress. She needs to eat. She needs to pay her rent, and unfortunately for her, casting directors could not care less. To pay the bills, she finds herself a new job moonlighting as a reluctant provider of aural pleasures. But while the life of a phone-sex operator is anything but glamorous, it does provide free time to engage in other interests: sketching, knitting, studying -- and for GIRL 6 - acting. Before she realizes it, the line between reality and performance begins to blur, and she finds herself acting out her own fantasies -- starring as iconic characters from CARMEN JONES, FOXY BROWN and The Jeffersons! Featuring a soundtrack of Prince hits and cameos from the likes of Naomi Campbell, wearing a "Models Suck" T-shirt, Madonna, as a phone sex rival, and Quentin Tarantino -- GIRL 6 finds Spike Lee not only experimental, but thanks to a script by Pulitzer Prize winner Suzan- Lori Parks (TOPDOG/UNDERDOG) -- irreverent.