Dirty River Boys w/ The Tender Things at Antone's

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Antone's & The Hippie House Presents:
The Dirty River Boys w/ The Tender Things at Antone's on 12/20!

$12 Pre-Sale
$15 At The Door

The Dirty River Boys are paving their own road as they travel it. They are a testament to the idea that "if you can dream it, you can do it," moving with determination ever closer to the light.
Steely intention aside, there is a magic to being in the right place with the right stuff at the right time. Home in El Paso, the Dirty River Boys yearned to make music the centerpiece of their lives. Then they played their very first Austin gig, a happy hour set at hipster haunt, Lustre Pearl. The music they presented was energetic and infectious, though stripped down acoustic. The joy was unmistakable. And a new path with exciting possibilities was being born. The band migrated to Austin shortly thereafter, where they thrive amidst the other musicians in town, and love the strong sense of community they found.

"The Tender Things is a new chapter in my life. Coming out of my years with Heartless Bastards I felt it was time to begin to create a document. These songs are that document. They are postcards, sketches of times and places, of loves and lost friends, changing memories and recurring dreams. Pushing myself into the habit of writing has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and it is my very first healthy habit. "

Venue Information:

305 E 5th Street
Austin, TX, 78701

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