Fat Tony w/ Teeta, The Outfit, TX. + Ben Buck

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Heard Presents:
Fat Tony w/ The Teeta, The Outfit, TX + Ben Buck
at Empire Control Room & Garage on 12/01/2018

?: http://bit.ly/FatTony_Dec1
ADV GA $10 | FINAL SALE $12 | DOS $15
? 18+ with $5 cash minor surcharge collected at the door

Fat Tony stands at the forefront of new generation of young rappers who get it themselves--a DIY hustler who's built his burgeoning career on a foundation equal parts smarts and swagger. The Houston MC owns the mike with a casual confidence, workmanlike in his delivery whether laidback or lyrical, embodying a new brand of enlightened Southern that's as likely to tip back some lean on your front porch as sit down and school you on Dadaism. Through his simmering solo work and boundary-busting collaborations with Das Racist and A$AP Rocky, among others, Fat Tony has already launched a legacy.