Gnarly Gar Star Party!

Event Details

Starts: Sep 19, 2020
Ends: Sep 19, 2020
7:30 pm
Where: Gnarly Gar


The Gnarly Gar is excited to bring an amazing experience to you this Saturday! See Venus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter. constellations, The Little Dipper, far-away galaxies, and more through the mind of Planetary Geologist Eddie Hrncir, Jr. and the lens of his computer-guided telescope!

Mr. Hrncir will share information about what's above at 7:30pm, Upstairs at The Gar, and at 8:30pm, you can see what you learned about from our 2nd floor balcony!

No charge and no reservation needed - just come ready to stargaze!

Open 'til midnight Saturday with Jennifer B & the Groove cranking out the tunes at 8:30! A ton of star power for the taking, this Saturday at The Gar!

Event Venue

Gnarly Gar
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