Last show of 2019, Friday Nov 15th at The Saxon Pub

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Starts Nov 15, 2019
Ends Nov 15, 2019

Share the passion! Bring your friends, music lovers, and young adults to hear the music of Latin at Heart. Sophisticated music lovers will appreciate the band's all original music, with the sound and songs reminiscent of 70's - 80's Album Rock.

Latin at Heart stands for:
. Love and passion
· Melodic
· Big Sound
· Romantic Rock 'n Roll
· Packed Venues
· Dancing & Fun

We are pleased and proud to play this last show of 2019 at Austin's iconic music venue, The Saxon Pub. See below!


LATIN AT HEART is South Austin's big sound, all originals, romantic rock n' roll band! All songs are original, featuring heart pulsating guitar - violin duets, paced by big drums, with lush synth strings arrangements underneath. Songs are about love and passion -- Romantic Rock n' Roll.

Past crowd-thrilling performances include:
· The Continental Club
· The Saxon Pub
· One2One Bar
· The Backstage at El Mercado
· Threadgill's World Headquarters, and
· Stubb's Indoors (C3 venue)

The band is comprised of some of Austin's finest musicians, some of whom have played major tours around the world.

Play "Your Smile":

Music that inspires, that creates passion, is a powerful force. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces at The Saxon Pub for this last show of 2019!

Billy Wilson
Bandleader, Latin at Heart

Event Venue