Recurrent Unrest (ON-DEMAND)

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Starts: Nov 22, 2020
Ends: Nov 23, 2020
12:00 am
Where: Drifter Jack's Hostel

Conceived and directed by Charles O. Anderson
Presented in partnership with Texas Performing Arts at The University of Texas at Austin and Fusebox Festival

(RE)CURRENT UNREST will be available on-demand November 22-23, 2020.

(RE)CURRENT UNREST is an immersive performance installation 'ritual' built on the sonic foundation of Steve Reich's three earliest works: IT'S GONNA RAIN (parts 1 and 2), COME OUT and PENDULUM. This work, originally performed live as part of the Texas Theatre and Dance 2020/2021 Season in October 2020, returns to the screen for a limited time. Available on-demand November 22-23, (RE)CURRENT UNREST utilizes movement, media and powerful imagery to meditate on the "American Dream" and Black nihilism, borne of the current racially charged moment.

An investigation of legacy, authorship and the history of Black art and protest through the lens of the erasure of the Africanist presence in Reich's compositions, (RE)CURRENT UNREST explores the kinesthetic state of unrest - the condition of unease, discontent and social disturbance. This physical state of agitation represents "staying woke." To stay woke refers to an intangible level of awareness about community issues and social justice.

Contains mature content, themes, language and imagery that some might find disturbing. Suitable for audiences 17+.

Runtime is approximately one hour with no intermission.

(RE)CURRENT UNREST will be available on-demand for a limited time and access will only be possible November 22 and 23, 2020. There are no set performance times to view on-demand content.

Tickets to access (RE)CURRENT UNREST on-demand are available at pay-what-you-can pricing, with a minimum cost of $5.00. Once you have completed your ticket purchase, you will receive an email with additional information regarding your selected performance as well as your access code.

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Drifter Jack's Hostel
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