Reggae Vinyl Third Thursdays W/ Shashamani Sound (begins 11/21)

Event Details

Starts Nov 21, 2019
Ends Nov 21, 2019

On November 21st we will begin a new FREE night at Sahara lounge devoted to Reggae Music through the medium of Vinyl. From early Jamaican music to modern and the most current revival sounds of 2020, we will be presenting the best in Reggae Music. Shashamani Sound is an entity created 20 years ago in San Antonio, Texas by Ras Gilbert, and established more deeply in the California Bay Area from 2001 to 2009 and to the present. Shashamani Sound is a sound that has been devoted to strictly vinyl presentation and masterfully curated mixtapes/cd's that are respected worldwide, as well as unique 100% vinyl performances with skillful blending techniques and vinyl manipulation. This style and skill is reflected in the over 20 volumes of mixtapes available online and in physical form. Third Thursday is a night devoted to presenting not only the best in Reggae Music, but a chance to hear various sub genres of Reggae Music masterfully blended and mixed on 2 turntables with 45's, as well as 10" and 12" selections. We hope to offer a unique experience in a lovely environment away from downtown, with plenty of parking, and an outdoor area where people can free up and enjoy the vibes of the music. We will be having local and regional guest dj's every month who will be performing both vinyl and digital sets and we hope to eventually bring guests from out of state. The night will be FREE for the time being and plenty of cultural goods and music will be available for purchase as well. We give thanks for your consideration and hope to see our friends, family, and new faces in the place.