Release: Hard Seltzer - Mango & Peach Daiquiri

Join us for the release of our first-ever hard seltzer!
Light, bright, low cal, and low sugar, this craft seltzer is brewed for unique people like you!
Available in our taproom starting June 16th, Mango Peach Daiquiri Hard Seltzer is rich and vibrant with a fruity sweetness.
Six-packs will be available for purchase at our tasting room on June 16th, followed by their availability in stores around Austin, starting June 25th.
With the release of this new line of hard seltzers, we're excited to announce a program called "Seltzers For Shelters," created to raise awareness and give aid to those experiencing homelessness in Austin, TX.
The "Seltzers For Shelters" program is designed to support the organizations that provide aid and safe spaces to those experiencing homelessness.
Blue Owl will donate ten percent of all sales from the release day of the Mango Peach Daiquiri Hard Seltzer to Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a social outreach ministry that has been serving Austin's homeless neighbors for more than two decades. Keep a lookout for cans around town; ten percent of all can sales from the first two batches, Mango Peach Daiquiri and Mojito hard seltzers, will go to Mobile Loaves & Fishes as well!
Look for more info on "Seltzers For Shelters" next week, during the release of Mango & Peach Daquiri Hard Seltzer!