Seven Grand Whiskey Society ft. The Lincoln Henderson Experience

Event Details

Whiskey Society featuring The Lincoln Henderson Experience with Angel's Envy's Brandon Benitez and Jack Daniels' Jen Keyser

We will be celebrating the late great master distiller Lincoln Henderson on Wednesday, August 21st as we explore his impact on the many whiskeys we know and love with a review of every expression he touched during his tenure with Brown-Forman and Angel's Envy.

Join Brandon Benitez of Angel's Envy and Jen Keyser of Jack Daniel's as we dig deep into Lincoln's past, his approach to whiskey-making, and his lasting impact on the development of some of America's favorite Bourbons and Tennessee Whiskeys. Ever wanted to know more about the genius behind cask finished Angel's Envy, or the brilliant effect of double charcoal filtration on Gentleman Jack? Come learn about the man that made it all happen and sip through his catalogue of accomplishments!

A Lincoln Henderson Welcome Punch will be dished when check in begins at 7:00pm (while supplies last) and then Brandon and Jen will kick things off right at 7:30pm as we explore the legacy of the legend of Lincoln Henderson. Come see what the hand of the maker does to a whiskey and how to leave an enduring legacy in the world of spirits!