Support for Tomorrow: Kevin's Benefit Concert

Event Details

Starts: Jan 16, 2021
Ends: Jan 17, 2021
6:00 pm

Add this date to your near future and look here for any and all updates to the event!

****OUTDOOR EVENT****FREE Music**** ***** FIRE SPINNING********ALL AGES***

We are tuning in and getting together for Kevin! We are so excited to share with you his benefit where were asking any and all, present or distant, to help contribute. We are fortunate enough to have this venue!

* $20 DOLLAR DONATION * - VENMO: KevBenefit
The entire event will be livestreamed with details of how to access provided here as we know them. With a Venmo so you can donate from home!
For all that wish to attend we will ask that you bring a mask and wear at all times as well as abide to social distancing.
Also please like and share our Support For Tomorrow Raffle for Kevin page. We have some really amazing things that will be listed for 5 dollars a raffle ticket. That raffle is live!

Our story...
On September 17th, Kevin, was struck off his motorcycle by a negligent driver. He was in critical condition with a severe spinal injury leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. The following day he received a 5 hour spinal fusion operation to stabilize his condition.

After one week in ICU and six weeks in phase 1 of rehab, he was sent home to wait for his body to heal enough so he could return to rehab for phase 2. When we entered our home we found that the essential parts of our home like the kitchen and the showers in the bathroom are no longer assessible to Kevin. We are presently transferring him into a blow up pool and giving him a sponge bath. Kevin has a few more weeks at home before he goes back to rehab for phase 2, where he will learn to be more independent. I would love for our home to be a place where he can feel safe and become independent.

We will be using these funds to renovate our space, buy exercise equipment, and to contribute to legal fees.