SXSW 2019: Fireside Chat on "Being an Empowered Patient"

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Our role as a patient is shifting. We become provider of our own data, we can control and share - and we are important drivers of digital health. What does it mean to take control, to be empowered and to shape HealthTech?

Join a fireside chat with four of the most outspoken experts and patient attorneys for more patient rights:

- Erik Gerritsen, Vice Minister of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (The Netherlands)
- Rasu Shrestha, Chief Strategy Officer, Atrium Health (USA)
- Nick Adkins, Advisory board, (USA)
- Maram Museitif, Board Of Managers at Central Health (USA)

Be hold, raise your hand and share your experience with us!

This event is powered by Startup Colors & the FTR4H community as well as Berlin Partner, SIBB and Infopark.

Curated by the FTR4H Ambassadors Maren Lesche, Founder of Startup Colors, and Aline Noizet, General Manager Health 2.0 Spain.