TX Premiere: MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY + Q&A w/ co-director Lisa Molomot; civic leader Eddie Canales; anthropologist Dr. Kate Spradley

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Starts: Nov 6, 2020
Ends: Nov 6, 2020
12:00 pm

MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY (Texas, 1hr 20 min + Q&A w/ Co-director Lisa Molomot (Tucson); Eddie Canales of the South Texas Human Rights Center (Falfurrias, TX); biological anthropologist Dr. Kate Spradley, of TXST)
Sponsored by Mano Amiga as well as Texas State Galleries & Center for the Study of the Southwest, both of TXST, as part of Hostile Terrain 94
"It's the largest cemetery in the United States," attests Sheriff Benny Martinez, referring to the desert landscape that is his bailiwick.
Brooks County, TX sits 70 miles north of the Mexican border -- & 225 miles south of San Marcos: the site of 3,000+ deaths since 2008, as migrants try to circumvent the state's busiest interior checkpoint in Falfurrias, lost into the vast private ranchlands surrounding it.

MISSING IN BROOKS COUNTY follows two families who've come to Brooks Co to look for missing loved ones. Hunting for answers, they encounter a haunted land where death is part of everyday life. A gripping documentary mystery, it is also a deeply humane portrait of law- enforcement agents, human-rights workers, anthropologists from Texas State University & grassroots activists, who are face-to-face with the ongoing fatal fallout of a broken policy.